Sunday, November 22, 2015

Stone Soup


Annual Stone Soup Celebration
Wednesday, November 25th

Students will cut vegetables in the classrooms
on Tuesday, November 24th, to be used in a communal stone soup
inspired by the Stone Soup fable.

Ridgeline volunteers will cook the stone soup outside the front of the school on Wednesday, and the soup will be served for an early afternoon snack following an all-school assembly. Your student should bring a sack lunch from home that day to eat in the late morning!

This year students will eat in their classrooms, and parents are welcome to join us for both the assembly and the soup.

·        Bring VEGETABLES on Tuesday, November 24th
·        Bring $2 per person on Wednesday, November 25th for the Louisiana Fiddle Music Performance Assembly
·        Bring a BOWL and SPOON on Wednesday, November 25th
·        Volunteers needed to slice vegetables with students on Tuesday, November 24th (contact Cynthia to help)
·        Volunteers needed to help serve soup at 1pm on Wednesday, November 25th (contact Cynthia to help)

If you are leaving early with your student(s), be sure to sign them out in the office. School dismisses at the regular time, 3:15pm.

Allergic to Soup?

All of our soups are vegetarian.  If your child has special dietary requirements please consider sending in some “safe soup” from home.

For those families unfamiliar with the story of Stone Soup, feel free to check it out here and here.